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Elevated’s 2022 College Football Playoff rankings: Week 12

BySean Clark

Nov 15, 2022
TCU players prepare for a game

Photo courtesy of TCU Athletics

Only two full weeks in the 2022 college football season remain and while there’s still hefty competition for the four spots in the CFP, the picture is looking a bit more clear.

The Playoff Teams

(4) Michigan vs. (1) Georgia
(3) TCU vs. (2) Ohio State

Michigan falls to the final spot due to having a much weaker schedule than TCU leading up to their big clash with Ohio State on Nov. 26. Georgia and TCU control their own destinies and are both three wins away from punching their ticket to the playoff.

Next in line:

No. 5 Tennessee (9-1)

No. 6 LSU (8-2)

No. 7 USC (9-1)

It’s still a seven-team race following Oregon’s home loss to Washington, which leaves the Pac-12 with just one more glimmer of hope in the Trojans. While nothing too pretty on their resume, USC has taken care of business outside of a one-point loss on the road in Utah. They will likely have three ranked opponents to give their resume the oomph it needs to make a case. Tennessee needs serious help across the board, which will probably mean TCU, USC and either Ohio State or Michigan have to blow the other one out for the Volunteers to have a shot without a conference title. Will the wins over LSU and Alabama be enough?


  1. Alabama (two losses w/o conference champ)

  2. Clemson (no resume wins, blown out by Notre Dame)

  3. Utah (Best case out of current OUT teams but lost to Florida)

  4. Oregon (lost to Washington)

  5. North Carolina (Must win out to have remote case built)

  6. Washington

  7. Ole Miss

  8. Penn State

  9. Kansas State

  10. UCF

  11. Florida State

  12. UCLA

  13. Notre Dame

  14. Tulane

  15. Cincinnati

  16. Coastal Carolina

  17. Oklahoma State

  18. Oregon State