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One Piece Film Red and Dreaming of Freedom

Luffy’s dream has been somewhat clear since the first chapter of One Piece. “I will become the King of the Pirates!” he proudly declares. However, there is more to it…

Spain routs Costa Rica 7-0 in statement win

Spain made an emphatic statement to begin their World Cup journey as they routed Costa Rica 7-0, outshooting them 17-0.

France defeats Australia 4-1 after slow start

France opened their World Cup title defense with a 4-1 win over Australia after conceding the opening goal amidst more injuries.

Group C: Saudi Arabia leads after historic upset

Saudi Arabia leads Group C after a historic 2-1 upset over Argentina while Poland and Mexico drew with Poland 0-0 in all team's openers.

Anime Review – Lycoris Recoil (2022)

Nearly every anime season is absolutely dominated by adaptations or sequel seasons. Yet, the anime original series,¬†Lycoris Recoil, managed to secure an absurd amount of popularity, and rightfully so. From…

Denmark suffers scoreless draw against Tunisia

Denmark and Tunisia battled their way to the scoreless draw after a spirited effort from the underdog Tunisian squad.