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MLS Power Rankings: Aug. 25, 2022

ByCollin Fewkes

Aug 25, 2022
Inter Miami players celebrate a goal

Photo courtesy of Inter Miami Social

Another week of Major League Soccer action is done and dusted with some shocking results and some teams absolutely crushing others, but we will talk about Philadelphia later. This season could provide for upsetting results like Portland and Seattle not making playoffs but Vancouver squeezing in? Or Cincinnati finally not being at the bottom? Whatever is happening, I want more!

10. NYCFC (Last week: #8)

I’ll make this quick. They should be glad to not be off this list and honestly, they probably will be next week. They got a win over Chicago which is not too much to boast about. Good for you but you are defending champions. Time to start playing like it.

9. New York Red Bulls (Last week: #7)

Someone must have left the can out because this Red Bull is flat. A promising side just a few weeks ago will be lucky to find themselves in my rankings next week. This attack has nothing to offer and while they may be in the fourth playoff spot, this does not look a team ready to make a fight for MLS Cup glory. Especially with a red-hot Orlando underneath them.

8. Inter Miami FC (Last week: #10)

The hottest team since the summer signing window has been Toronto FC. Well, Inter Miami extinguished that fire with a 2-1 victory over the empowering Toronto side. David Beckham is seeing the results he wanted from last season, come to fruition. Ben Bender is such a bright young talent and Alejandro Pozuelo has showed real composure in the midfield like he did for his former Toronto side.

7. FC Dallas (Last week: #6)

It wasn’t the prettiest match, but FC Dallas showed why I think the Western Conference will win MLS Cup this season with a 1-0 victory over Philadelphia on Wednesday. This has been a very impressive Dallas side who can score quickly if you blink too slowly. However, they also showed that their defense still needs work after a playoff hungry Nashville had a comprehensive victory, winning 4-0.

6. Columbus Crew (Last week: #7)

Columbus might have drawn against Atlanta but when you allow a banger off stoic defense, that is bound to happen. Regardless, Cucho Hernandez and Crew look ready to continue their way up the Eastern Conference standings. With just a few matches remaining, we are seeing real shades of their abilities that will allow them to go far in playoffs.

5. Montreal (Last week: #4)

Montreal finds themselves below Minnesota simply because they did not face nearly as difficult of an opponent. Plus remember how last week I said Milhailovic is their most important player? Let’s see how Montreal will get on this season and if they are true contenders.

4. Minnesota United (Last Week: #5)

Just like Austin should be concerned, Minnesota United should be ecstatic after the performance they put on against Austin. We all knew Emmanuel Reynoso had the talent to be special but being able to have the workload taken off him allows him to play to his strengths of finding open spaces and delivering quality inside the 18. We saw that against Austin, and we’ll see that in playoffs.

3. Philadelphia Union (Last Week: #3)

Somebody ring the bell because the fight between the Union and DC United was over the first time. The Union demolished DC this season with a 13-0 goal aggregate after they blew DC out of the water this past week 6-0. If every team that Philadelphia played acted like DC United, Philly would have like seven MLS Cups.

2. Austin FC (Last Week: #2)

Another team in our top-three losing but Austin should not be upset either.  This is a potential playoff battle in the West and a 2-1 loss to Minnesota should be more concerning instead of upsetting. You finally took on a big opponent and you could not get the job done. I’m not worried though; Austin will pull it together.

1. LAFC (Last Week: #1)

Look we can’t all be perfect and that showed in the shocking loss to San Jose. But this also comes off the back of a three-game week so again, not too upset if I’m LAFC. You are the fastest team to qualify for the MLS Cup playoffs. With nine games still in hand, it is all about points now to claim the Supporters Shield.